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Windows Drivers

Updating the Computers Graphics Drivers in Windows

By 04/05/2023juin 14th, 2023No Comments

Keeping your PC up to date usually helps ensure it runs smoothly. It’s a good habit to periodically check for the latest Windows updates and ensure all system drivers, such as the graphics driver, are up to date.

  • Poor outdated driver detection rate is one of the major reasons why should avoid Ashampoo Driver Updater and look for other Windows driver updaters.
  • If you have an OEM computer or a pre-installed version of Windows on your computer, you might not have much control over what updates get installed on your system.
  • To see if your computer is using the latest driver, use the Intel® Driver & Support Assistant.
  • Those are particularly good in detecting video drivers that require an update and finding relevant versions.

If new drivers are available, they will download and install automatically (as long as you’ve set your system to update automatically). Your PC screen going black suddenly — the so-called “black screen of death” — is caused by critical system errors that force Windows to shut down unexpectedly. PC black screen crashes can be the result of a wide range of software and hardware defects, including outdated or faulty graphics drivers. Updating drivers not only helps prevent errors in the first place, but it can even fix the Windows black screen of death.

Receiver for Universal Windows Platform

A computer printer’s dependability and compatibility may be improved if you update or install the most recent drivers for it. You may find out if there are any BIOS updates for your motherboard and what they fix with the help of going to the manufacturer’s website for your computer system or motherboard. Updating your graphics driver ensures that you’ll always have the newest features and control panels. Features are becoming the new battleground for top GPU makers NVIDIA, AMD, and Intel.

is it important to update drivers

Your audio card, video card, and modem are some of the components that require drivers. If you just add the component, the operating system will not know what to do with it. However, when you install the driver, the operating system knows exactly what it is and, more importantly, it understands how to use it.