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Robin’s funeral service taken place away from March 14 up to March 19

Robin’s funeral service taken place away from March 14 up to March 19

At the same time, Luke are kidnapped by the Heather, it is located by the Anna similar to the cabin he’s are stored within the was burning down

The service by itself included psychological speeches of Anna, Mac computer, Sonny, Patrick and you can Elizabeth. Luke and understand a page away from Robert at services. Towards the end of solution Maxie came into talk and you may got a dysfunction throughout the girl live escort reviews Wichita Falls TX message. She is actually inconsolable and had getting carried out of the church because of the Mac computer. Afterwards following funeral service, Anna faces Patrick on the a number of the anything Maxie told you throughout the the woman rantings and you can Patrick acknowledges the real truth about his fling with Lisa Niles so you can Anna. Anna try annoyed which have Patrick and they’ve got a heated dispute on the top off Standard Medical. She afterwards actually leaves and shortly after spending some time with Luke during the Jake’s she understands that are angry with Patrick is not just what Robin will love and you can she goes and you will apologizes in order to Patrick. Anna afterwards spends sometime that have Age Webber, who have been enabling their family much following the losses away from Robin and they bonded across the loss of youngsters. Anna informed Elizabeth this would be more comfortable for her in the event the Robin is actually secured away for the a-room somewhere and you may she you will definitely go and conserve their. Meanwhile one Anna is saying that it, Robin are shown to be alive and you will really and being held captive during the a keen undisclosed location.

This new friendship of these two increases as the Luke asks Anna to help you move around in that have him, much to envy of Luke’s ex boyfriend-partner Tracy Quartermaine, in his collection from the Area Court Lodge. Anna agrees because the she does not want to be by yourself. Later on than day Anna is went to of the John McBain, a former protege out-of hers about FBI. While the two waste time making up ground to their particular pasts, John requires Anna having direction within the taking down local mob manager Sonny Corinthos, which McBain believes as accountable for a major accident you to provided towards deaths out of Cole Thornhart and you may Promise Manning-Thornhart. Whenever Anna senses you to definitely McBain’s hatred to possess Sonny is much more individual than simply McBain really wants to admit, then he implies that Sonny is responsible for this new death of their cousin years right back through the their go out on FBI. Anna also gets so you’re able to topic of Heather Webber’s fixation, on account of this lady involvement with Luke Spencer.

After Mac Scorpio try let go of his standing as Cops Commissioner of the PCPD, Anna is offered work

Very first, Anna converts it off of commitment to help you Mac computer, but once Mac computer arrives and you can informs her when planning on taking the task, and maintain it of one’s hands off a pushy politician, Anna will get the new commissioner that have Mac’s blessing. Anna works well as commissioner, while the she is able to to get one’s body out of Anthony Zacchara, Tracy’s husband who ran destroyed. Heather shoots Luke so that you can shoot Anna, and you may she is detained of the cops. Anna later finds out she and hurt Olivia Falconeri, Heather’s man, Steve’s wife, and the mother out of her fellow detective, Dante.

When Heather is actually brought to the latest route, Anna concerns matter their and you may Heather informs her Robin is live. Anna doesn’t trust her initially, however, later interrogates Heather during the gunpoint to get solutions. Heather claims she noticed Robin at the Ferncliff Sanitarium, where Heather was actually. Anna goes to Ferncliff, however, Robin isn’t there. But not, she finds out a brochure in order to a hospital for the Switzerland, and decides to go there to acquire responses.  Duke generally seems to Anna and he gets a career within Troubled Star.