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Beck Oliver is among the seven main characters from Successful

Beck Oliver is among the seven main characters from Successful

He could be Jade West’s sweetheart and you can is apparently the best choice of your own group. Due to their speciality and a good-looks and especially their fluffy locks, he or she is quite popular which have women (and more youthful adult women). The guy in addition to appears to be most calm, wise, and you can adult at most moments. His skill is pretending and will be also known as a pretty boy.

Physical appearance

Beck is really attractive, and then he will get lots of interest from other ladies and you can even young adult people, such socialite Alyssa Vbulance driver when you look at the Jade Dumps Beck, and you may Katie, the female director from the Timber. Since the seen in A motion picture because of the Dale Squires, when he states he’ll be capable of geting certain cheerleaders ahead more and you will talk to Robbie, he is apparently familiar with the outcome his appears has actually towards opposite gender. not, Beck stays fairly smaller about this, and it appears that he just takes advantage of their looks and then make Jade envious. They are considered also known as a good « pretty kid » on account of their appearance.

Their locks are considered to be one of his really attractive features, as mentioned inside Nut new Freak out, Locked up!, Helen Back again, and you can Riding Tori In love. Jade actually mentioned with the TheSlap one she would feel taking his solution or other issues together with her on vacation that sunday in order that the guy « won’t look nice while she was moved ». For example are their hair’s character one Tori Requires Demands #8 try intent on seeing in the event that Tori can make it lookup unattractive.


Beck is very type, intellectual, soft-verbal, laid back, level-headed, mature beyond his age whom seems to be friends with folks, also individuals such Robbie, Pet, and you may Sinjin, who happen to be experienced some weird. No matter if the guy will not always get involved with crisis, they are small to assist someone out, particularly when he repaired Robbie’s automobile within the A movie from the Dale Squires, assisted get the emails to help you spell Ke$ha into the Frozen dessert having Ke$ha, and you can performed Tori’s stunt for her for the Beck Drops to have Tori.

Although Beck has become the most normal and you will sane of the many this new emails, the guy will not chat far and appears to be rather hushed. His locker is clear so you’re able to represent the fact the guy « doesn’t have treasures. » The guy takes acting most absolutely, and you will believes one acting is truly from the « not pretending at all, however, permitting this new attitude inside your come-out and you will represent moments.  » (This new Timber). Something else entirely one to indicates his hushed, independent character is the fact that the guy life on his own into the a keen Camper, unlike together with his parents, so he can enjoys their own laws. Little is well known on their family members otherwise background.

Beck is an extremely gifted and you can very respected actor from the Movie industry Arts. Though it is proven that he could play practicing the guitar, sing, and you can moving, the guy appears to be more concerned about pretending than simply songs. He got next place in Sikowitz’s strategy pretending problem inside the Sleepover on Sikowitz’s and will together with speak in numerous designs really well.

Despite his relationship with Jade, Beck generally seems to benefit from the attention he becomes from other female (Pilot, Nut the brand new Panic, therefore the Wood) and barely brings up the fact that the guy currently keeps good wife in the place of anybody else (usually Pet or Jade) bringing-up they very first. Beck does not appear too worried about just how it feelings influences Jade, usually dismissing their while she brings which right up, and seems to take pleasure in rilling upwards her jealousy and you will enabling the woman mark her own conclusionspared to help you his spouse, Beck cannot frequently rating jealous effortlessly, being as an alternative uncaring when it comes to Sinjin flirting which have Jade, but this can be more on account of just how impractical it’s you to definitely Jade create get back Sinjin’s attitude as the Beck looked somewhat envious because of the Jade flirting with Moose.